Control the distribution of space on your hard drive



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Would you like to have a better and more in depth control of the memory storage on your hard drive? Would you like to have periodic reports on the usage and space of your hard drive? Now you can.

SpaceObServer is a tool that checks up on the total amount of memory space that your computer is using for various types of files and reports to you their size and how they are distributed.

All this information is saved into a database, in which it will provide even more information on things you need to know more about.

The way this data is represented varies in how you would like it to show up as, through various texts or graphics. It will also let you gather information about your files, allowing you to find any duplicates you may have.

If you would like to have more control of your files on how they are stored on your computer, SpaceObServer is a great tool for you!

21 day trial.

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